Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our frequently asked questions, if your query is not covered please feel free to contact us.

How are RunSpeyside Tours affected by Coronavirus?

Please read the further details regarding Coronavirus here.

How do I book?

Contact us through our enquiry form and tell us your dates and which tour interests you – we’ll get back to you with availability and tell you all you need to know.

What does a RunSpeyside Tour involve?

We hope it involves a lot of fun! We’ll be running through the countryside at a pace to suit you, with regular stops for interesting sights, refreshment and any necessary breathers. The tours cover some rough ground and very few of our runs are flat – it’s the nature of the Highlands of Scotland and to be embraced. But don’t worry, all the inclines will be taken at a pace to suit the group; if that mean walking for a while it’s fine, we all get longer to enjoy the views!

What should I bring?

The most important thing, after yourself, are good off-road running shoes and clothes. Your shoes need to have a decent grip, either trail or fell shoes are best. Road running shoes might not have enough tread and could be unsuitable for some of our tours. If we feel your shoes are not safe footwear then we may have to offer an alternative road/track run or be unable to take you on the tour. If you are in any doubt please get in touch. Clothing will depend on the season and weather. It is Scotland, so anything can happen (apart from maybe sunstroke in January). We expect you to be responsible runners and bring enough layers with you to keep warm if it’s cooler, and wear sunscreen and hats if the sun is strong. Depending on the length of the run and the weather you may also need to bring something to eat and drink. Feel free to bring a bum bag or running rucksack along – we usually do.

How long are the tours?

On our website we give length and approximate times. These probably won’t match up with your 5k or 10k times as we are travelling over rough ground, climbing hills and stopping to admire the view! The time will vary depending on the ability and wishes of the group.

Am I fit enough?

If you can run your local Parkrun you can come out on a RunSpeyside tour. Our featured runs cater for all levels of runner from beginner to experienced trail runner. We will make sure all runners feel comfortable on the tour – we are not going out for a PB (unless that’s what you request!) and will make sure you know what to expect on the run so you can choose the right tour for you. There’ll be plenty of stops as there is a lot to see along the way.

Where do we meet up?

The exact location will depend on the tour and will be specified with your booking confirmation. If you feel you need more information please get in touch with us.

How many people are on the tours?

We take a maximum of 6 out on tours unless you are a large group booking. If this is the case then there will be extra tour leaders.

Will there be other people on the tour?

Yes, there may be. If you are the first runner/s to request an unadvertised tour, once the tour is confirmed we will then make it available for others to book onto unless you specify (at time of booking) that you would like to keep the tour private. If this is the case and you are a small group we may add a small extra charge.

Are there age limits?

We have a minimum age of 18 years at the time of the tour.

Can I bring my dog?

Due to the terrain we cover and to ensure all members of the group feel comfortable we don’t allow dogs on our tours.

Can I take photos?

Of course, unless a member of the group has expressed a wish not to be photographed, in which case please respect their wishes.

Will there be toilets/changing facilities?

This depends entirely on the tour you are on. We will aim to give you all the information you need to prepare for the tour – some start points are in relatively remote car parks with no facilities, but conversely one of our runs passes three public toilets!

Do you cater for corporate groups?

Yes, contact us through the enquiry form and let us know what your client/group requires, we will tailor an experience to match what you are looking for.

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