Virtual Event Safety and Terms

Virtual Event Safety

All participants must be responsible for their own safety and as a minimum should adhere to the following suggestions, particularly if running alone –

• Plan your route in advance
• Let someone know when you expect to be back – contact them to check in when you return
• All participants should carry an ICE (In Case of Emergency) card with your name, address, any medical information and an emergency contact number.

Code of Conduct and Expectations

All participants are expected to abide by the following code of conduct:

Should government guidelines be changed at any time, changes will be immediately implemented to any virtual challenges, including suspension of activity if required. Always be considerate to other people, and respect physical distancing guidelines at all times.

Routes – these should be:

• planned in advance
• within easy reach of the participants home or training venue – do not drive to popular routes
• planned according to your ability and current level of fitness – flat, hilly, technical etc.
• risk assessed by the runner

Runners are expected to conduct a dynamic risk assessment whilst planning their route to include:

• condition of paths and trails – avoid areas in a poor state of repair
• width of paths and trails for respecting 2m (minimum) physical distancing guidelines
• time of run, to consider peak times of use – avoid, if possible, popular times such as lunchtime and early
• if running at night, consider lighting of route and wear suitable clothing.
• consideration of local residents and businesses that require access and use of areas along the route.
• expected weather conditions and the impact this may have on your route or you. Poor weather conditions should be avoided wherever possible.

Terms and Conditions

Participation is at entrants own risk. Entrants should ensure they:

  • are fit and healthy, seek medical advice if unsure.
  • warm up and down thoroughly according to their own regimes
  • Wear appropriate footwear, suitable to the conditions of their own route
  • carry out risk assessment for their own route, including dynamic assessment of conditions
  • carry a fully charged, switched on mobile phone
  • inform someone of their route along with start and finish times
  • plan a route appropriate to their level of experience
  • follow any relevant government guidelines relating to any active diseases/viruses
  • do not take part in the challenge outside their own home if they are self-isolating or suspect an infection
  • plan routes with minimal road crossings and use hi-viz clothing and follow relevant road safety advice if using roadways
  • assess weather prior to starting activity and also during, wearing and carrying appropriate clothing, sun creams and extra liquids as required
  • act in a considerate manner and abide by locally relevant guidance (eg, in UK the Countryside Code)
  • avoid causing damage to third party property
  • are advised to obtain third party cover suitable to their activity

Neck Gaiters

UK entrants can opt for an enhanced entry that includes a neck gaiter which will be posted out to you. We will aim to post these out before the start of the festival, but due to current circumstances unfortunately cannot guarantee an arrival date.

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