Whisky Runs

You can’t come to Speyside and not mention the Whisky!

The sights and smells of the creation of a bit of spirit magic are an integral part of the area, and many of our tours pass around and through some of Speyside’s fifty distilleries. Our tours reveal some of the secrets and stories around Speyside’s whisky heritage and there may even be a few small surprises along the way. We’d recommend the Heart of Speyside or Hills and Stills tours for the most distilleries per mile.

We provide special tours as part of the Spirit of Speyside Festival, held at the beginning of May each year. Take a look at www.spiritofspeyside.com  for more information about the many and varied whisky related events which make up this very enjoyable festival.

In October the very popular Dramathon takes place. This comprises marathon, half-marathon, 10k and relay events with a whisky theme and attracts whisky lovers from all over the world. RunSpeyside offers runs that explore the surrounding areas in the week leading up to the event and also post race recovery run treats. If you would like a reccie run or a run tailored to you and your group please feel free to contact us to arrange.

We are able to organise tours with exciting add-ons at other times of the year – let us know if you’d like something “spirited” for your tour.


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